Seniors: What To Wear To Your Portrait Session

September 20, 2018

Keep in Mind:

Consider the setting, and plan accordingly - fall is a popular time for senior portraits, so think cozy outfits, like layers and boots. Make sure that your outfit makes sense with the season, and draw color inspiration from the colors of the season. I love deep, dusty reds and vibrant browns in fall, and a beautiful navy blue or forest green in the spring.

When it comes to accessories, make sure to keep them pretty minimal - try not to get too trendy with your choices, because it can make the photos look dated in a few years. Always feel free to bring different accessory options, so you can play around with what looks great on camera! Also, make sure to take off all watches/FitBits before your session... just trust me on this one.

Also note that you're probably going to be doing a decent amount of walking during your senior session, so make sure that if you're not wearing something super comfortable, you at least have something on-deck to change into in between the shots.

I generally recommend that seniors bring two outfits to their session - one more formal outfit, and one that is truly comfy and showcases who you really are as a person! I suggest showing up in your formal outfit, knocking those shots out, and then changing into your more comfy outfit and getting some really authentic shots that you can look back on and remember exactly who you were at this point in life!

Some Final Things

When it comes to hair and makeup, my advice is to do what makes you feel most confident - whether that's going out and getting a blowout and professional makeup (because hey, when else do you get an excuse to do that?!), or putting on your favorite lip gloss + mascara in your bathroom at home. Do, however, try to actually look like yourself - if you don't usually take four hours and a can of hairspray to style your hair, you don't have to start for this session.

Note, if you do decided to have hair and/or makeup professionally done, make sure you allow plenty of time so you're not late for your session. Also be mindful of any outfit changes you plan to make - make sure they have a wide neck hole or can button/un-button so you don't mess up your hair and makeup.

When it comes to props, just chat with your photographer beforehand to plan the best way to incorporate them. Most senior photographers will offer some kind of styled shoot around your passion (think a basketball themed senior session if that's your favorite hobby!) but if you want to bring something small (like a musical instrument) to incorporate into a regular senior session, go for it!

Also, dogs are absolutely amazing and forever adorable "props" if you want to add a little something special to your session.

A Winston-Salem senior photographer captures a high school senior in her spring senior portrait session at Old Salem.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions! Scope out Pinterest boards, keep a running list of looks that you love, but also take note of what makes you feel most comfortable in your day-to-day life, and try to incorporate that into your senior portrait session! Whatever you decide to include, make sure that it illustrates who you are, not just something that's trendy. Be yourself and your portraits will be incredible.

If you're a local North Carolinian and interested in chatting about booking a senior session with me, use the button below to reach out!

Lindley Battle is a Winston-Salem and Greensboro fine art wedding and portrait photographer, specializing in bright and airy photos using natural light and capturing authentic emotion.

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