hey lovers! oh my gosh, I am over the moon excited about your wedding day... which is why I made this little questionnaire so I can get the most detailed feel for your special celebration + exactly what you want to walk away from it with. answer as many of these questions as you'd like (feel free to leave some blank), and elaborate as much as you want to - HAVE FUN with this, this is your chance to tell me all of the amazing things you've got cooking for your celebration! obviously, shoot me an email if you want me to elaborate on something, annnnnd you may have already answered one or more of these, but I would love to get it on paper so I can make sure to do every single thing perfectly.


bride's name: *
bride's name:
groom's name
groom's name
pick one (or two) that best applies to you as a couple:
(I will always come dressed like a professional - some spots just have certain guidelines I want to make sure to follow!)
what would you consider the most important photos of your day (check 1-2)

you're a rockstar! thank you for filling these out for me - now, all I need from you is a wedding day timeline & a list of all of the formal photos we'll be doing. otherwise, you're set to go and I cannot wait to take your photos!