Ok, Let's Do This...

So you've fully committed to this massive collection of content from me. I'm really glad you did, because I truly truly believe that it will help make your wedding planning a little easier, and will also help eliminate some of the biggest mistakes that I constantly see made, so that we can have the most amazing photos possible from your special day.

Grab some wine, throw on your yoga pants (or your wedding dress if you feel like it), and let's get started...

It’s time to start thinking about some of the important elements of your wedding that will shape the photos we get to take. Here are a few of the top ones I’ve encountered:

Make a General Timeline

Consider things like if you want to do a first look, deciding if you’re having a formal exit, etc. I’ve made an entire page about everything to do with wedding day timing + helpful tips on how to make every moment of the day as beautifully photogenic as possible, check it out below!

Prep for Your Engagement Session

If you’re planning on doing an engagement session (you know I very much encourage them!) then click the Engagement Session link below to check out my landing page with all things engagement session. If you’re still on the fence, it may help convince you!

Plan Your Bridal Session

Again, if you're planning on adding a bridal session to your wedding package, then getting a general timeline for your bridal session scheduled is helpful for both you + me!

Pick Your Other Vendors

Your vendors can absolutely make your wedding day (and I'm so, so honored to be one of them!) - below is a link for a few of my favorite North Carolina vendors that I've gotten to work on other local weddings with.