A Few Tips & Tricks on How to Prepare For Your Session:

Bring on the Flowers

Including flowers in your bridal session not only makes for pretty pictures, it also lets you see your wedding bouquet ahead of time. Coordinate with your florist and let them know you’re planning on having bridal portraits taken. Remember to bring water so they stay fresh + beautiful!

Stick with Self Love

Keep yourself hydrated and energized. Portrait sessions require a good bit of movement, so bring a snack or two and lots of water. When you’re hungry or thirsty, it makes focusing on posing that much more difficult. Heels are fine for pictures, but a good pair of walking shoes for the in between is highly recommended.


Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you have a special pair of shoes for your wedding day, you can definitely bring them if we’re shooting indoors. But keep in mind that you can also just wear flip flops or Uggs under your dress! Your feet won't be showing in most of your bridal portraits – and especially if we’re shooting outside, you won’t want to wear your beautiful wedding day shoes and get them dirty. Bring a beautiful pair for a few photos, wear your comfies for the rest, and keep the actual wedding shoes pristine for your wedding day detail photos!

Accessorize Like a Pro

It’s a great idea to bring any accessories and jewelry you plan on wearing for your wedding day. That way, you can ensure that everything looks cohesive and just the way you want it! Try to keep it all in one bag for easy transport.


Protect the Dress

The dress stress can be pretty real - depending on the location we pick, if we're shooting outside then there will always be a chance of the dress getting a little dirty. Here are a few ways to prevent that:

If you have a bridal entourage for your session (mom, etc), then you can bring an old bedsheet with a hole cut in the middle - just make sure the hole is wide enough for you to comfortably stick both legs through it + walk!

If you're flying solo for this session, I recommend bringing an old pillowcase that you don't mind getting dirty - when we arrange the train on the grass, the pillowcase will keep it from any potential mud.

Honestly, though, I've done plenty of bridal sessions outdoors without these precautions and the dresses have been absolutely fine! So these options are only necessary if it's been raining a lot, or if you're especially concerned with having a pristine dress.