Wedding Day Photography: Photo Checklist

August 16, 2018

Fine art photography of a diamond engagement ring styled for a wedding day photograph in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Lindley Battle Wedding Photography: Capturing Your Day for a Lifetime of Memories

Congratulations! You're about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Capturing these special moments with professional wedding photography will give you a way to relive your special day as your lifetime together continues. Here are some of the ways I can help you create the wedding photos you'll treasure year after year.

Your Wedding Photos Mean the World to You, and to Me!

You've put a lot of preparation into planning your wedding, and planning the wedding photography is just as important. I've captured many wedding moments for happy couples over the last nine years (click on the photo for the gallery above to see a sampling!) and I know how to get the best angle for every shot. But with everything else you have to do to get ready for your wedding, hiring a professional wedding photographer and deciding on the pictures you want shouldn't stress you out even more. So, here are a few ideas of photos you might want to consider beyond the traditional posed shots of you with your mother and your new spouse.

Preparing for a Lifetime Together

Part of the journey to the wedding is all the little things that lead up to your wedding day, so why not capture the things and moments leading up to your walk down the aisle? Some memories might include:

- A shot of your wedding invitation
- Your dress laid out with jewelry and shoes
- All of the bouquets and corsages
- The moment you zip or button your dress
- Special moments alone before the ceremony
- Moments with special family members or friends as
you're getting ready
- The groom getting ready
- A closeup of the rings on pillows
- Shots of the trip to the ceremony

Where You Say "I Do"

The place you've chosen to commit yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives is special, too. Consider capturing visions of your venue before anyone else arrives as well as the moments it fills with all the special people in your life. Some ideas are:

- Shots of the flowers and floral arrangements
- People signing the register
- Views of the venue from different angles
- Long shots, especially if you've chosen an outdoor venue
- Any outstanding weather shots, such as the sunrise on your wedding day

Your Day, Your Moment

Of course, you want to get a shot of you exchanging rings and your first kiss as husband and wife, but your ceremony is so much more. Consider including shots of:

- The walk up the aisle
- Lighting of the unity candle
- The groom's reaction to the bride's entrance
- Your mother's happy tears as you say "I do."

Special Memories Mean Even More

Too many people get a few months or years down the road and find themselves wishing they had a wedding photo with someone or a special moment that they didn't think of before the wedding. You can avoid that situation by taking a few minutes to think about any special circumstances or people that make your life extraordinary. Including a child relative, a college friend or a co-worker that makes your day go better are just a few ideas of who to include in one of your photo memories. If you have special interests or hobbies that you've chosen to include in the wedding or reception (like the handstand competition at the wedding reception of two American Ninja Warrior competitors!) make sure to add shots of those moments in your wedding photo checklist.

Winston-Salem wedding photographer captures a photo of a bride and her father on her wedding day in Boone, North Carolina.

I'm here to help!

With all of my experience as a professional photographer, I can help you pinpoint the moments you want to capture in photos before the big day, as well as noticing impromptu moments as they happen. I maintain the highest possible quality by only accepting a few weddings every year so I can commit to making your wedding day memories the highest quality possible. I have an FAQ page to answer some of your questions, but I'd love to sit and chat with you about how I can help you have the best wedding memories ever! Contact me by filling out the form below and together let's make your wedding day memories the very best they can be.

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