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Lindley has provided us with family pictures on several occasions. Most recently we asked her if she might travel a bit for a larger event that meant a great deal to us. She agreed on short notice and understood perfectly what we hoped to accomplish. She always has a way of capturing the moments you don’t even remember or realize will be your favorite images. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Chris H.
Oh what a gem we have found in Lindley!! She is super easy to work with, has amazing talent, and is way underpriced for the impressive product she provides. I have 3 rather unruly children but she managed to get some spectacular shots despite their shenanigans and we even had our pictures in less than a week! I couldn’t be more thrilled with them and our entire experience. We will be booking her again and again. Thank you so much, Lindley!!
— Kim S.
My husband and I won a gift certificate toward a photo shoot with Lindley. At first I thought I don’t want any pictures of me.. we have never had professional photos taken of just us.. without kids. But friends encouraged me to use it on just us.. grandparents.. sounds crazy! But it was so much fun. Lindley makes you laugh and feel comfortable in the skin you are in and the photos turned out beautiful! These will be treasured lifetime memories and I am so glad we have these works of art. It is amazing how she looks through that lens and sees something I never imagined and turns it into a priceless work of art. I love her use of light and touch of magic! I need her to follow me around every day and tell me to put my shoulders back :)..I’m so glad this yogi didn’t let me slouch in my pictures!! Thank-you Lindley for capturing our love!! I will definitely be calling you again!
— Karen R.
Lindley Battle is one of those people who can enter your life for an hour of the day or for weeks on end and she moves you to action. Maybe that’s because she is always pushing herself to achieve more, to work harder, and to learn from the world around her, and she is always brimming over with these energies. However, she most impresses me because she is at once both constantly moving and absolutely present in each moment. As a photographer, she works hard to capture as many beautiful moments from an event as possible, but when you look at the photographs, you realize how completely present she was in each image. She sees things that we aren’t often seeing, or looking for, and she figures out how to best show them to us. In the photographs of my wedding, I was blown away because she combined fine details with the big important moments that every wedding contains, and she made them all glow like they were art. The light is what strikes me — she finds light falling across a reception table and captures it, and then moments later she finds that same light moving across a bridal gown or the groom’s jacket. She understands the relationship between the large and small parts of an event, which is also important in life, I think, because a day is so much about a balance of these little and big things. Anyway, I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to capture the moments of the most important day of my life. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to look back at pictures of their wedding and feel the same love and light that was there on the day itself. Lindley Battle is a gifted artist who speaks to us with the hues and patterns of what we see around us all the time but forget to look at closely, and she reminds us of what a beautiful world we inhabit. I am so thankful to know her.
— Mackenzie K.
We chose Lindley as our photographer for our Non-profit fitness competition and she was awesome! The pictures were great and she made the process easy. Her work is top notch. We will definitely be using her for Next years event!
— Matthew J.
OK. I’m always a little wooden and uncomfortable having my picture taken. But last week I was fortunate enough to have Lindley take pictures of my dog and me for Christmas cards. She instantly made me comfortable, had me smiling “for real,” and made the whole process truly effortless. And, I guess the best part is the way the pictures came out. They were fabulous. Now the person who always hated sitting for photographs will be making it an annual event.
— Michael J.