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A beautiful and consistent look is an essential part of any brand, which is why I love product photography so much. Telling the story of a brand through a photo is an excellent way to sell your product without having to use any words.

Creating product photos with personality, that flow seamlessly with your brand identity, is such a crucial part of successful selling in this day and age. Statistics show that products showcased in a lifestyle setting (being used, or stylishly displayed) get so much more online interaction than the traditional + simple white background shot.

Click any of the galleries below to see a sampling of the brands that I've been lucky enough to do product and branding photography for over the last five years, and then keep scrolling to hear a little bit more about the product photography experience that I offer.

from clients:


Lindley has been taking photos for me for over 3 years for a reason, she's incredible...
My personal style preference for product photography changes often, so often that Lindley has gained a sixth sense as to when to simply drop by and start snapping photos while kindly asking what style we're going after. She is a perfect match for me and my business because she's quick and extremely efficient and the photos always look like they've taken hours to setup yet somehow maintain their effortlessness and whimsy.
I have found very VERY difficult to trust people in the world of small business, Lindley is an absolute gem with a heart of gold with whom I believe will be a trusted associate and friend for life. Photos attached are business-related only, but I've had some portraits taken as well that I use for everything (probably because she's managed to always make me look like the best version of myself.)
If you want someone to see you in your greatest light so that you are shown as such, use this humble, patient, sweet, talented photographer!!

- Sarah Chapman, Owner of Vida Pour Tea

Lindley has a wonderful and rare combination of extraordinary artistic talent and superior communication skills. We have worked with Lindley for years, and she always delivers exactly what we are looking for in a timely manner. She's simply the best.

- Eric Johnson, Owner of Alegria Shoe Shop