Expecting your first, second, or even fifth little one is such an exciting time in a woman's life, and I am so beyond honored to be the one to share this joy with you! Here are a few of my favorite tips to help you get ready for your maternity session:

if we haven't already set a date for your session, somewhere around 33 weeks is absolutely *ideal* for maternity photos - you'll be nice and "bump-y" but you won't be too tired or uncomfortable. after we pick our session date, it's up to you to decide which kind of session you'd like to do - most women opt for a traditional outdoor portrait session, but there are a few other options that don't get talked about quite as much. Doing an at-home session can be a really sweet option for maternity sessions - if it's your first, this gives you the option for some ridiculously sweet + intimate photos with you and your spouse, and if it's not your first, it gives us a comfortable and familiar environment to incorporate your other kiddo(s) into the shoot, but also gives them somewhere to hang when they're not in front of the camera. Another option that I absolutely love for maternity sessions is a solo at-home "boudoir style" shoot, which is such a beautiful option because it gives you a chance to show off + celebrate your beautiful, strong, baby-carrying body! It also makes for a lovely gift for your spouse, an up close and intimate look at your growing little bundle of joy.


The first, and most important, outfit direction is to BE COMFORTABLE. I seriously can’t stress this enough – your body is going to be different than it usually is, so make sure that you absolutely feel comfortable + love what you’re walking out the door in, otherwise you’ll look at the pictures and not feel like they really look like you. I love directing future mammas to wear tight-ish and long flowy dresses (pictured below), but if you’re a lot more comfortable in loose and flowy clothes, that’s totally fine!

If you’ve chosen to go the maternity boudoir option, make sure to wear super loose and non-marking clothes on the way to your session (or if we’re doing it at home, mayyyyybe walk around semi naked a little before I get there?) – that way your skin won’t have clothing marks when we go to photograph.

Another important point is to keep your wardrobe as simple + neutral as possible. You’re glowing, you’re radiant, and YOU get to be the center of attention in these photos. These are really sweet documentations of your future son or daughter growing in your belly, so staying away from patterns or loud colors will help keep the focus on the most exciting part of this session.

Lastly, pay attention to the little details – if you’re wearing a form fitting dress to highlight your bump, be super conscious of your undergarments… I can usually photoshop any pesky lines, but you’re going to make it a lot easier on us both and avoid the risk of any ruined photos by sticking with seamless underwear! (personal recommendation, lululemon makes a phenomenal pair of truly naked looking underwear!). Also, remember that your boobs are a little bigger than normal, so keep an eyeball on cleavage. A little bit is never a bad thing, but we’re going to move around a little bit during our session and you want to make sure you stay nice and tucked in. If your dress is a little low cut, I recommend putting it on and moving around a little bit a home just to make sure it stays in place – the last thing you want is to constantly be having to adjust your neckline during our session. Finally, pay attention to any jewelry or accessories you have on – my advice is to keep it simple + classy, so that these photos are truly timeless and don’t get outdated with a certain trend. I’m forever telling clients to take off their Apple Watches or Fitbits, so maybe just don’t bring them to the session… I promise, your steps will still count!


Please, do it, unless you’re opting for a boudoir style maternity session. Definitely bring your spouse with you for your outdoor/styled maternity session… warn them ahead of time that they’ll be doing a lot of jumping in and jumping out of shots, but it’s so special to have your significant other join you for a few sweet shots. After all, they are 1/2 of this baby equation, so they deserve a little photo feature!

When it comes to kiddos + doggos, I say to just think about how you want this session to go, but definitely feel free to bring them! If you’re hoping for really elegant, romantic photos of you and your bump, maybe consider going sans-kiddos, but if you’re wanting to capture an authentic snap of life as it is right now, kiddos and dogs are definitely a part of that! It can add a little element of crazy to our session, but can also make for some really sweet and special captures. Just make sure that you’re also bringing your spouse as the doggo and kiddo wrangler!


Lather up! A weird detail, but make sure to put on lotion before your session, even if you’re rocking a full length maxi dress. Chances are, I’ll get some goddess-like shots of you holding your dress or something similar, so make sure your arms and legs (and belly if we’re going with the at home boudoir option!) are fully lotioned up with non-greasy, super absorbent lotion to add to your natural pre-motherhood glow!

Know that you’re beautiful. Seriously. It may be cheesy, but in my experience the most surefire way to have an amazing photo session is to walk into it with total confidence and comfort in your body. Take a moment before you walk out the door to really look at yourself in the mirror, to appreciate the fact that you are carrying a tiny human life in your belly, and no matter how tired you are or how pregnant you feel, give some serious gratitude for the gift of life in your body right now.

If you have anyyy questions before your shoot, please shoot me an email or text. I’ve been doing this for years, and promise that however odd your question may seem, it won’t be the weirdest one I’ve ever answered. I want to be here to help this session be the best one ever!

A photo of couple holding hands during their photography session on a rooftop in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina
And Lastly,

Remember to have so much fun! This is such a special time in your life, whether this is your first kiddo or your fifth. Don't rush through any part of this, and especially during your shoot, take time to really let yourself get excited for the beautiful, amazing, and unique human that is growing inside of your belly!