marrakech, 2017


(salam, peace)


marrakech, morocco  

september 12-20, 2017

a luxurious yoga retreat set both in the dusty desert outside of marrakech and in the bustle of the vibrant pink city.



come sip sweet Berbere tea and allow the magic of Marrakech to infuse your yoga journey with curiosity and self discovery. join us on an 8-night 9-day retreat to the mystical country of Morocco, where we'll be expanding our yoga practice and discovering the world around us, all with a focus on the elements of connection. although we'll be doing lots of exploring, the main purpose of this trip is to reconnect to nature, community, and yourself through the practice of yoga. as such, we will be offering two practices per day: a powerful flow in the mornings, and a restorative flow at night. there will be frequent opportunities for group meditation, as well as optional workshops to break down the elements of practice.


this once-in-a-lifetime experience has been carefully curated to take you out of your day-to-day routine and remind you of the beauty in the world, as well as in yourself. it begins in Marrakech, Morocco on September 12th 2017, and ends on the 20th. 


we'll start our journey with two nights completely unplugged in the stone desert a half hour outside of the city. the gorgeous "glamping" at Scarabeo Camp will be everything you need to detox from the hectic world at home and reconnect with yourself and the world around you... and when by unplugged, we really mean unplugged. one of the best parts of the camp is that there is no power, and no internet, so more time for conversation and contemplation! our time here will include a mini-workshop on journaling, and will provide you the time and space you need to truly create a personal self reflection and mediation practice, as well as community-building events like camel rides, camp fires, and candlelit dinners under the moroccan stars. desert sunrise practices and late night conversations under the desert sky, this time is intended to truly re-connect us with nature and with breath. (see more photos of the space here)


from our peaceful desert camp, we'll head straight into the heart of the pink city, Marrakech itself, for six nights. our days here will be spent in the beautiful hustle and bustle of the lively city, and ending with quiet rooftop dinners at  the serene Le Riad Berbere. this place is truly an oasis, placed directly in the middle of the beautiful old town it is a rose-scented paradise full of tea, massage, and plenty of traditional poufs to lounge on. the Riad (traditional moroccan house)  is small and intimate, perfect for resting and relaxation after days of sightseeing. we've carved out plenty of time to spend solo wandering and exploring the traditional moroccan hammams, but also have group expeditions planned to some of the "must see" sights, delicious restaurants, and lots of time to venture into the souks to work on our bargaining skills - definitely plan to come home with a moroccan rug or two. nights will include bottles of wine and homemade moroccan dinners, as well as an opportunity to learn the art of moroccan cooking from a true expert. in these city days, we'll explore the art of connecting with community - both our own, and the community around us, while at the same time creating space amidst the chaos to ground down in connection with ourselves and our practice. (see more photos of the space here)


if you have any questions at all, please feel free to  reach out using the form below. in the interest of keeping it small and intimate, we're capping this retreat at 14 people.




what's included?

- your room in both locations (all accommodations will be shared, unless you request otherwise. cost is extra for a single room)

- all transportation, including to/from the airport

- wholesome and healthy breakfasts, dinners, and most lunches - we have the ability to accommodate most dietary restrictions, but please let us know in advance so that we can plan for it! 

- snacks

- camel ride in the desert

- day excursion from Marrakech

- moroccan cooking class

- two yoga classes per day

- mini workshops on meditation, journaling, creating a home practice, and many more exciting topics! the full list of workshops will be personalized to those who sign up, so please feel free to share anything you've been excited to learn more about

- welcome packet / personalized gift bag

- professional yoga and candid photography throughout the retreat


to keep our cost down, these things are not included:

- airfare

- any extra souvenirs you may want to buy

- one or two lunches in Marrakech city, depending on scheduling

- spa treatments

marrakech yoga retreat, 2017 deposit
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things to note: 

this retreat is built around connection and community, so with that in mind as well as in an effort to keep the price down, it is structured as a shared hotel room experience (two people per room, it is possible that there will be a room of three depending on capacity).  we promise to use all of the information on your intake form to place you with someone that we think you'll love sharing the experience with; however, if you are taking this trip with a friend/loved one, please note that on your intake form so we can place the two of you together in a room.


if you would prefer to have a single room throughout this trip, we can accommodate - please use the contact form below to chat about this with us. it will involve a slight increase in price, but we have done everything we can to make this trip both comfortable and affordable.


additionally, due to the involved logistics, we cannot offer refund policies on your trip deposit, so we strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance since this is such a big commitment! it helps a lot when the "oh shit" moments of life come up before a trip like this. please feel free to reach out for any further questions on this.






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