I am SO excited to get to know you + the amazing things that you're creating. I've made a little section that is all about getting to know you, your personal style, and discovering your goals for your branding session! Fill out as many of the questions as you can and feel free to elaborate.

Step One: Your Business Basics

Step Two: Visuals
Take a moment to think about the following, and answer them from the perspective of your brand, and the person that you most want your brand to speak to - if you are your brand, then these will likely be your personal answers. If you have a brand/business separate from yourself, try to get in the mind of your business's brand to answer these. Don't overthink it, and also don't get scared by this. This just helps us pin down a cohesive and all-encompassing look for your brand, as well as picking your ideal client and targeting all of our work towards reaching them.

Step Three: What Makes Your Brand Special?

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One more thing - if you have the time, go make a mood board on Pinterest. Just scroll through random feeds and save the things that immediately speak to you visually. Don't overthink it, just save everything that you see and immediately like. This will help me know how to best frame and stage your photos - so much of the look of our shoot will be dictated by the space that we are shooting in, but this will still help me understand what you're most visually drawn to, and work it in whenever possible. My personal mood board is basically a giant blank white wall with a tiny bit of greenery here and there - and all of my branding follows that! It'll be helpful for both you and me when building or rebranding your business visually.
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