Here are all of the most common questions that I get from clients/prospective clients/people on the streets. Feel free to read them over (I know, it's a novel!) and see if any of your burning questions get answered.

If you're looking for wedding-specific questions, you can go ahead and scroll down to the bottom.

Don't see what you want to know below?


How much do you charge?

Number one q, because as much as we all want beautiful photos all day every day, that'll add up really quickly. My portrait sessions are $350, and my wedding coverage starts at $3,000. I have packages for: weddings, babies & maternity, engagements, and business branding. I don't regularly offer mini-sessions, but have been known to run special (follow my photography page on facebook, link at the bottom of the page) and also am not Scrooge, so if you have a real issue with the price, let's chat.

Whyyy is photography so expensive?

I get this one a lot, and I get it. Trust me. However, the portion of photography that you see (the actual shoot) is only about 5% of my actual job... the rest of it looks a lot like me hunched over my computer, zoomed in and slowly, meticulously editing pixels, or creating a shoot specific idea/inspiration folder so that I can direct our session quickly and seamlessly. I put a lot of time and effort into both pre-shoot preparation and also post-shoot processing, to ensure that you get images you are *thrilled* with, which is why the price tag is high. You're getting every bit what you pay for, and hopefully so much more! My equipment is the best in the industry, I've invested in a multitude of backup devices and software to make sure that your photos are never lost to technology, and my business insurances stay up to date. I also go above and beyond to ensure that every client I get has the best possible experience, whether that's doing a little more editing than you paid for, meticulously helping you prepare for your photography experience, or sending little goodies to my wedding and regular clients. I'll say it forever - I'm not the cheapest photographer you'll find. But, I am constantly striving to be the best.

Would you be willing to work with our budget?

Trust me, I get it. You've found the perfect vendor, but you're paying for your wedding yourself. You want family photos, but you're barely making ends meet. I know that it's sometimes so hard to justify the cost of photography, and I try my best to work with families/couples to make this accessible to them. However, please keep in mind - I'm not a corporation, this isn't my family business... it's just me, with no retirement or insurance or anything. I love capturing memories, which is why I've made it my life's work, but I also have to have a few hard costs when it comes to my business.

That being said, if you have a super-strict budget, don't hesitate to mention that when you reach out, as there are plenty of options when it comes to pricing for weddings and bigger shoots - if you're getting married in my slow season (July/August or January - March) I do have discounted rates available, and I offer some discounts on Friday + Sunday weddings as well. Unfortunately, with regular portrait session, there isn't a ton of wiggle room, which is why I do everything in my power to make these photos worth every cent that you paid for them!

I/my husband/my entire family/everyone ever am/is/are really uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you make us look like flawless gods and goddesses anyway?

I will absolutely do my best! During portrait sessions, I tend to ramble on and tell you life stories and stupid dad jokes and whatever else I have up my sleeve... I don't just really love to talk (I actually am a super closeted introvert!), I do this intentionally so you relax and don't think about the fact that you're in front of the camera. I like to think that I'm a relatively fun person, and I'll do my best to make sure you have fun on our shoot, not only for the experience but to ensure the best possible outcome! I'm not going to lie, though, I've actually had a few clients bring along a beer to photo sessions when they knew they would need help loosening up. You do you! If you're booking a boudoir session, I will more than likely offer you some wine beforehand... it makes a huge and lovely difference!

How and when will I get my photos?

For portrait sessions & event photography, I deliver a digital gallery of fully edited images within three weeks of our session. That gallery will remain live for two weeks, giving you plenty of time to save your images and share with all your friends + family. For weddings, the package you book will determine how quickly your photos are delivered back to you, and you can add expedited delivery to ANY session you book with me! Additionally, all clients have the option to purchase a special thumb drive with their photos, and all wedding clients automatically get thumb drive delivery as well as a digital gallery

How many images will we get from you?

Totally depends on a million different things, but I can guarantee a minimum of 50 unique, edited images per hour of shooting. I try really hard to be extra nice and give all my clients lots of love, so if there are wayyy more than 50 amazing images per hour (which happens quite more often than not), I'll take the extra time to edit and send them your way. I will never, ever throw away a wonderful image because I didn't want to do extra editing, rest assured.

Do you offer prints/albums/etc?

Yes! I use a phenomenal printing service that is fast and super wonderful quality, just mention that you want prints when you reach out for booking and I'll send you my pricing. And I *love* doing albums for clients - I'll select my favorite images, set up each page, and am happy to add in quotes/lyrics/etc to pages if you'd like (I've been known to steal a meaningful quote from wedding day songs or poems and throw them in as well, but if you know you want it in there please ask to ensure it makes it!). I also offer beautiful little custom print boxes and other keepsake options, so talk to me about what you're wanting and I'll make it happen!

What happens if you die or get sick or your dog or your aunt's dog dies? Will you still be at our wedding/event/portrait session?

Well, no - if I die, I won't be able to make it. I don't plan on doing that, though, so fingers crossed. If, god forbid, that happens, I've left very specific instructions on how to handle any unfinished or unfulfilled photography work I leave behind (true story!). Death aside, I have never had an illness or family tragedy that has prevented me from making it to a scheduled shoot, and don't plan on it ever happening. Worst case scenario, I'll show up in a very tasteful flu mask and ask everyone to please keep their distance while I shoot with a zoom lens. Okay, joking aside - if you book me for your event, you can rest assured that being there is my top priority, and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Can I send you a Pinterest board/Dropbox folder/etc with ideas?

Of course! I would love to see your vision for our session, and will absolutely incorporate what you send me when it comes time to shoot. Will I completely copy a shot in our session? Probably not, unless it's one you specifically ask for - but seeing what you love and are drawn to definitely ensures that your images will match your personal vibe! Do I need an inspiration folder from you to create great, creative images during our session? Heck no. Only put one together if you want to!

Will you bring props to our shoot?

Not unless it's something we've specifically chatted about beforehand. I do bring wraps & a heated blanket to all newborn shoots, I offer the option to have a cake provided in cake smash shoots, and if you want to book a white-background headshot, I have a fancy little backdrop setup that I will bring. Otherwise, if there are any cute little extras you're wanting, that's all you!

Do you do boudoir shoots? Where?

Heck yes! They're some of my absolute favorites, they're so much fun and it's really special to watch ladies get sassy and comfortable with their beautiful bodies! Out of respect for my clients, I've opted not to share my boudoir work on my website, but I'll be happy to share a couple anonymous shots with you if you're considering a boudoir shoot (ps, do it!). As for the where, I have simple & beautiful bedrooms set up in both Winston and Greensboro (much less weird than it sounds, we own two houses) that I give clients the option of using for their photos, or we can do them at your home! If you're ballin', feel free to rent a fancy hotel room for this session and turn it into a staycation with your sweetheart afterwards!

Do you photograph events? 

I absolutely do! Shoot me an email and tell me more about this special day - I have a very "real" approach to event photography, so I'm not your girl if you're looking for someone to come and set up a photo booth. But if you're looking for someone to capture special moments and beautiful details, you found the right person and I would be honored to document for you.

Do you take credit card?

Sure do! If you know you want to pay with credit card, please let me know before our session so that I can send you an invoice. There is a slight processing fee for credit cards, so I generally recommend that clients pay with check or cash if possible, but as one who literally never carries cash, I definitely happily accept card payments!

Can we meet up before we book you?

Yes! If you're local, I'd love to have you to my home for a cup of tea (or a cold beer!) and chat about all things life + photography - however, do know that that's definitely not a necessity. I try to load my clients up with SO MUCH information that there are literally no unanswered questions you could possibly have before our session (look at this massive FAQ if you don't believe me?), and am also accessible pretttty much 24/7 by text or phone call. So if you're busy or live far away, don't feel this insane pressure to meet up with me before our shoot.



I book weddings on a first come, first served basis, and only shoot 20 weddings a year in order to ensure that my couples get the highest quality experience. So I recommend that if you know you want me to shoot your wedding, you reach out as soon as you possibly can! But also don't hesitate to reach out with later/last minute requests, I will try my best to make your wedding photo dreams happen.


I send out at least 400 images for every wedding that I shoot. I don’t put a set number on the images you’ll receive, but I also don’t leave anything important out. Obviously, when you choose longer coverage on your wedding day, you’ll end up with more photos than with shorter coverage, but I will never cap the number of images sent based on package, so don’t worry about ever having to “buy more images” from me!



Yes yes yes yes yes. Let's do it, the more woodsy and intimate, the better! Reach out to me and tell me a little more about your vision, I'll respond with a custom quote within 24 hours


Yes! Travel fees vary, depending on the where and the when, but I've never said no to a good adventure.


Sure don't! If there are specific details you'd like to walk through, I'm more than happy to make a trip out there with you, but I am very experienced at shooting in all lighting situations, and have never once in my career gotten somewhere and realized I couldn't make it beautiful. I also bring along alll of the equipment when I photograph weddings, so I'll be ready for whatever you've got!