I am already so excited for our lovely couples session. Whether you're celebrating a milestone like an anniversary, or just want some great photos with your person, there's some tips + tricks to ensure we create images you'll cherish. To make sure our session is the absolute greatest, first please go fill out this little questionnaire, and then read some of my favorite couples session tips below.

A Greensboro engagement photographer captures a couple during their fall engagement photo session.

While the focus of your portrait session will be on you, I always encourage my couples to put a lot of thought into the where. Start by making a list of some of your favorite places to go together. Whether it's where you had your first date, or where you love to spend a weekend afternoon, think about places that have some relevance and significance to you as a couple. Also think about stuff you enjoy doing together. Adding an element of adventure makes it more of a lifestyle shoot, and truly celebrates this meaningful time in your lives.


I know that picking out outfits can seem like the most daunting part of getting ready for any photo session, so I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips from my years of helping couples pick out outfits, and also from getting to plenty of shoots and having that “oh man, I wish they hadn’t gone that route…” moments.


First of all, I definitely recommend bringing a couple different options, even just for an hour long session. That way if you get there and something doesn’t quite go with the environment we chose for the session, then quick changes can be made! Also, this allows you to change midway through the session, and gives you some great variety in your photos. That being said, please only bring a few things, and don’t try to stick your entire wardrobe in the back of your car. That’ll waste precious session time, and will be overwhelming for both of us. Keep in mind that, depending on where we’re shooting, you may be doing your outfit change in the middle of the woods, or in an empty parking lot, so if you’re hoping to get an outfit change in, pick your undergarments accordingly!

When it comes to colors, I cannot stress neutrals + minimal patterns enough! Neutrals don’t have to mean browns or greys (in fact, maybe don’t wear browns unless it’s a beautiful, rich brown). There’s a neutral version of every color – mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, even a dusty red is super beautiful. Stay away from bright colors, please – not only will that become the entire focus of the picture, but it can also actually change your skin tone a little. No neons, and if you can help it, no pinks, oranges, or bright reds… and if you absolutely have your heart set on one of these colors, just check with me! We can try to find a way to make it work, and obviously, all of these are just suggestions – at the end of the day, it’s your session, and I want you to feel like your most beautiful and authentic self.


When it comes to accessories, bring them all! Hats, sunglasses, scarves, anything that we can easily put on and take off to add interest to the photos. The only thing I would really recommend avoiding is wearing watches or FitBits, because they’re usually super distracting, especially in close-up images.