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From small business owner to small business owner, I get it - you know you need new photos, whether it's to refresh your website, brand your new business, or sell product on your social media channels... but you just don't know where to start. Maybe you feel super awkward in front of the camera. Your budget just doesn't have room for a rebranding right now. You can think of so many reasons why now just isn't the right time for a business branding photography session.

I've been there. I promise. But this is too important to ignore, so stick with me here.

You can't afford to not give your business a successful visual brand. It's the unavoidable, and sometimes annoying, truth - you're losing so much potential interaction with your ideal client by not having images that immediately grab their attention and instantly set you apart from everyone else in your field. Let me help you, please. As much as I love weddings and portraits, I have a special heart for small (and big!) business branding and marketing, so let me help you give your business a big boost by crafting a fun and personal branding session for you!

So now, why should you hire me?

Ok so you're finally sold. If you don't already have a strong visual brand for your business, now you want one. But here's why you should let me be your branding photographer:

I'm so much more than just a photographer who happens to do branding photography - I've spent years working in social media marketing, as well as creating content for very successful companies. I've also done it myself for years! I built my business from scratch, handling all of my own branding, social media content, marketing materials, and web design, and have an excellent idea of what works and what doesn't.

On a more personal side: My goal is to make your photography experience FUN. I want you to have a freaking blast in front of my camera, so that your most beautiful and authentic self comes out and is what your ideal customer gets to see!

If you become my client, then your success is my success, and I will give your business or brand everything I've got until you're out there killin' it (and hopefully for years after!)

Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

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Lindley intuitively seems to know just what you need even if you don't always know exactly what you're looking for with photos. I love that when she takes photos of me and I look at them I see the most beautiful interpretation of me. Lindley seems to see the inner me, the way I see myself when I feel beautiful and she draws it out into the frame. She is so easy to work with, I give minimal directions of what I'm looking for, let her do her thing and it's always magic!