why professional headshots make a positive impact

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When navigating the world of small-business entrepreneurship, figuring out what important first step to take can be daunting. Lorelei, who is starting her own business, knew how essential having a visual brand is. 


Headshots often get a bad rap, mostly because people tend to think of the stiff, arms crossed in front of a white background variety that haunts corporate execs the world over. In reality, environmental headshots that allow your personality to shine through are just as, if not more, impactful.

Potential clients want to work with a person they feel they can trust. A professional headshot is like a calling card; it gives people a face they can connect with. 


Generally speaking, updating your headshot once a year is a good rule of thumb, especially if you make any major changes to your appearance. It's an indicator that you value staying current with your online presence. Your website, LinkedIn profile, and social media pages are just a few of the ways to utilize your professional images.


Ultimately, it makes you feel good to be captured in your best light. Having quality images of yourself that you can share with your friends and colleagues might be just the boost of confidence you need to overcome work-related challenges, feel emboldened to take a few risks, and inspire those around you.

Lindley BattleComment