neil + chloe - adventure engagement session

Photo Apr 05, 5 12 40 PM.jpg

when I got a chance to photograph these two adventure-loving lovers, I was over the moon excited -  I knew our time together was going to be beautiful, obviously, but more importantly I knew it was going to be a ton of fun... and it absolutely lived up to every expectation. we hopped fences, all but jumped in lakes, and chased sunset for a few hours, and I got to witness the truly electric connection between neil and chloe the entire time. it was truly an honor, to get to spend time with two people who are so deeply connected and who are going to have such an exciting life together. here are a few of my favorites from our session! 

Photo Apr 05, 5 25 01 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 5 57 49 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 6 05 09 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 6 02 18 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 6 24 55 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 05, 6 45 23 PM.jpg
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Photo Apr 05, 6 49 24 PM.jpg