beldi country club, morocco 2016




after a night in the desert, Beldi Country Club was a dreamy Moroccan oasis, with palm trees, reflective pools, and one of the best spas I've ever been to. 

the grounds of Beldi were beautifully curated with roses, olives, herbs, and all manner of beautiful cacti, I felt like the two days there weren't nearly enough to take it all in... especially since I ended up spending a large portion of my time just sitting and reading beside the stunning pool.





I think one of my favorite things about this space was that there was absolutely no reason to leave - the two days I spent there, I never had any desire to leave the hotel grounds, even though I hadn't been into the old city of  Marrakech yet. the food was delicious, and was constantly available, the grounds were big and beautiful enough to wander through all day and not see the same thing twice, and the spa was dreamy enough that I really could have spent the entire stay there without a single complaint...



Lindley BattleComment