desert camp, morocco 2016


finally, three months late to the game, I'm putting together a blog from my amazing time in morocco, which started at the dreamy Scarabeo Camp in the stone desert outside of Marrakech.


getting through the craziness of the Marrakech airport (after drone confiscations and the perils of currency exchange), the ride to and subsequent arrival at the desert camp felt like floating on a heavenly cloud. once I got there, I never wanted to leave. no internet, no plugs, just tents and desert and great food and delicious wine.


an afternoon and evening full of camel rides, fellowship with wonderful people, lots of moroccan tea (and some whiskey) quickly melted into a candlelit dinner with moroccan music echoing through the desert, hot and spicy tangines, and a stunning night full of stars. 





after getting probably the best night's sleep of my life under the beautiful desert stars, I woke up to a sunrise over the stone dunes, a strong cup of coffee, and a full and delicious breakfast. it was so hard to leave the stone desert, but easier knowing that I will definitely be back soon.



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