3.30.2014/Jessica and Jon

I know it looks like Jessica, Jon, and I got to spend a beautiful spring afternoon frolicking around Wake Forest taking pictures, but in reality, it was more like the three of us (plus a sweet puppy) miserably darting around to patches of sunlight, trying to snap a few shots here and there in between some pretty intense gusts of (very very cold) wind. Welcome, North Carolina spring weather. Despite the conditions, though, we had a blast, and I absolutely loved getting to shoot with these two. They're tons of fun to be around, but even more than that, their relationship is marked with such a beautiful and genuine affection, the quiet kind of knowing and cherishing someone with everything you have in you. It was truly beautiful to get to watch, and is even evident in looking back through photos of the two of them. I love it, and absolutely cannot wait until their beach-side wedding in just a few short months! 

Lindley BattleComment