4.12.2014/Nancy and Kyle

This past Saturday, on the most beautiful of April weekends imaginable, I had the pleasure of second shooting Nancy and Kyle's wedding with my dear friend Katherine Reeves. As happy as I was to be there, it was also a truly sad event for me, because it's the last wedding that I'll get to shoot with this lovely, talented, and incredibly inspiring human being... but this one was a great send-off to our shooting career together. As for the wedding, where to even begin? I was in a unique position as a second shooter, because I hadn't had the chance to meet either the bride or groom until the day of the wedding... but, with both of them, I instantly felt like I had known them for forever! Nancy has such a bright, loving, and caring personality, and the most aware and attentive heart - plus she might be one of the most effortlessly glamourous women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. And she has truly found her match in Kyle, who is soft and caring, while also being incredibly fun and energetic. The two make an absolutely beautiful couple, and the most wonderfully lighthearted and elegant wedding. 

Lindley BattleComment