7.6.2013/Beau and Anneli

when my friend, the very talented photographer Joel Ang, asked me to shoot Beau and Anneli's wedding with him last weekend, I had no idea what an incredible celebration I was in for. But as soon as we got to the rehearsal dinner the night before, it became so clear what amazing people these two are, both individually and as a couple, and how fun and full of life their wedding celebration was going to be. It was inspiring and exciting to get to spend so much time around two people who so very obviously love each other, love the Lord, and love their family and friends. In addition to getting to hang out with all of the awesome people in Beau and Anneli's life at the reception, I was also lucky enough to get to hang out with Beau and his groomsmen and do some formal shots around Wake Forest with them, and watch as they all absolutely rejoiced in this wonderful day.

Lindley BattleComment