11.22.2013/Sam and Laura Beth

Unique is the best word I can use to describe Sam and Laura Beth's wedding this past month, absolutely and entirely unique. They took every normal wedding tradition and procedure, gave it a courteous nod, and then did exactly what they wanted to do. And it made for one of the most incredible weddings I've ever attended. The mood was constantly fun and lighthearted - in fact, at one point, I had to beg the beautiful couple to please stop making zombie jokes and try to "smile like normal people for at least one shot," but the joyful and effortless flow of it all was just another indicator that these two are absolutely made for each other. Watching the two of them as they were married in a "pop-up wedding" at the Raleigh Art Museum, and then a week later as the three of us went out to Linville Falls for some vows and photos, it was honestly one of the most inspiring and beautiful things I've ever seen. These two people truly, genuinely, passionately love each other, and it was amazing to witness. I can't lie, I cry when I shoot lots of weddings, but this one was pretty bad... so much so that I actually got called on it after the ceremony. It was just that beautiful. So, cheers to Laura Beth and Sam for finding such an amazing love in one another. 

Lindley Battle1 Comment