11.17.2013/Greg and Morgan

The timing could not have been better for Greg and Morgan's engagement shoot at Chapel Hill last weekend. I was worried beforehand that we had waited too late into the month for the beautiful reds and oranges of a North Carolina November, but as I drove onto campus, I realized that my worries had been completely unnecessary, as we managed to get the campus right in the perfect peak of autumn. But the perfect background aside, this was one of the most unique and enjoyable engagement shoots I've ever gotten the pleasure of doing. Greg played for the UNC baseball team during his time in school there, and he managed to snag us some special permission to shoot on the field and in the dugouts, which was an incredible experience, even for someone with as little sports knowledge as me. The weather was perfect, and the three of us had a blast roaming around campus, getting covered in fall leaves and trying to avoid sprinklers. I was so blessed to get to spend time with these two lovely, inspiring, and motivated individuals and to hear about their exciting plans for the amazing future that lies ahead of them. 

Lindley BattleComment