Hi there! I'm Lindley, the person behind the lens and the desk of Lindley Battle Photography.  I'm based out of the North Carolina Triad.


a little bit about me: when I'm not out wandering through fields with you, I'm sitting at my desk with at least four cups of tea (current count is six...), eating lots of italian food, or running around in the sunshine with one of our pups. I'm a huge lover of information, and am always listening to podcasts or audiobooks while working, I'm notorious for always packing three books on trips (even super short trips) and never opening any of them, and my idea of relaxing is scrolling around business & marketing blogs (preferably on the beach!). 


a little bit about my business: I started as a school sports photographer when I was sixteen, and started taking portraits and shooting weddings shortly after graduating high school. I worked three jobs through college to save up, and immediately after graduating, I quit them all and started a full time photography business. Why you need to know all that? Because I love what I do so. ridiculously. much - I freaking love getting to know you, capturing your moments, watching your kiddos grow, watching your marriage thrive, watching your dream business succeed. Framing your happiness and success in my little lens all day, every day is pretty much a total wake up and pinch myself situation, and getting to hear how much you love your photos actually makes me do a little happy dance every single time. 


finally, a little bit about my photography: it's said that native americans were wary of photographs, because they believed being photographed would steal their soul. I've always loved the idea of that - I don't want to steal your soul, but I do want to fully capture it in a photograph. Don't expect prom photos from me, I don't have a list of "top five ___ poses!", and as much as I will tell you to smile, I'll probably tell you to dance it out a whole lot more. I want to capture you as you are - whether you're saying "I do" or branding the business you spent the last ten years dreaming about, I want to capture the raw and unique beauty of your moments.


want more? I dive a little deeper into my photography & try to answer all of your burning questions here.